WWF Donations

While commonly referred to as the World Wildlife Fund charity, the correct name is actually the World Wildlife Fund for Nature. Set up way back in the 1960s, the WWF charitable organisation is the largest conservation charity in the world with over 5 million people donating to the WWF on a regular basis. The mission statement is to halt and reverse the destruction of our natural environment something which sees the charity tackle subjects such as engendered species, environmental pollution and the growing problem of climate change.

The Panda has become the symbol of hope for the WWF charity although this is just a small part of what the charity has to offer (a glimpse at the WWF organisation website will show the true extent of the foundation). While not exclusive to the plight of endangered animals this avenue more than any other has helped WWF donations over the years, although the destruction of the planet is foremost in the minds of this award winning charity.

Ways To Donate To The WWF

WWF Membership

More and more people are choosing to become a member of the WWF charity which costs as little as 3 per month. Your charitable donations will go to the heart of the matter, to the animals which are in danger and the band of WWF helpers protecting them. You will receive a WWF handbook and regular WWF updates about campaigns and events.

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WWF One Off Donations

Over the last few years there has been an increase in the awareness of the WWF charity and an increase in WWF charitable donations. However, in order to fulfill their goals the WWF charity needs more funding and assistance. Check out the WWF organization website for assistance with one off payments all done securely online.

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WWF Regular Donations

As well as an increase in regular donations the WWF have also seen a significant number of people now signing up for regular monthly donations. Like the one off donation system there is a section on the website which will ensure that your regular donations to the WWF charity are handled correctly in a secure manner. The more regular donations to the WWF, the more the charity can plan ahead for the next 12 months and beyond.

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WWF Adopt An Animal Scheme

From just a couple of pounds a month you can give an endangered animal food and warmth in their natural habitat. The adopt an animal scheme is seen by many as an attractive alternative for WWF cash donations although there are also other WWF alternative gift schemes available.

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WWF Online Shop

The internet has given the WWF Charity and other animal charities a massive boost with the WWF online store proving very popular. There is a mass of WWF alternative gifts available which include wines, watches, teddy bears, chocolates and much much more. All profits will go direct to the charity fund.

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Alternative Ways To Donate

WWF Campaigns

While the growing number of WWF cash donations are proving very useful, many people may not be in a position to donate cash to the cause. However, the WWF campaign program is growing year on year and any time which you could spare to assist would be gratefully received by the WWF charity.

WWF MBNA Credit Card

The WWF Charity have formed a partnership with MBNA to create the WWF Credit Card scheme where the WWF association will receive a share of all funds spent on the card. This is a growing area of the UK charity industry and one which is proving very attractive.

WWF Corporate Partnership

As more and more companies around the world become more aware of their environmental obligations, the WWF organization are seeing more and more corporate tie-ups being agreed. The likes of Sainsbury, Body Shop and the Co-op all have WWF payment schemes which ensure a constant flow of charitable donations into the WWF charity fund.

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More about The WWF

The History Of The WWF

The history of the WWF charity can be traced back to 1961 when the Trust was created in Morges, Switzerland under the original name of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Initially the brain child of Julian Huxley and Max Nicholson, who had vast experience in politics and industry, the idea was to bring together large business and the charity to prevent the destruction of the planet. As WWF donations began to grow the charity branched out into all of the major countries of the world, increasing the WWF funding and exposure.

The idea of bringing together the companies, who had often brought about the destruction of various parts of the planet, to put something back into the campaign has often received criticism from many observers. However, the WWF focus on making big business pay for mistakes has seen many new funding opportunities open up as more and more large corporations look to improve their public profiles.

Initially focused on saving endangered species the WWF organisation was recently expanded to take in more environmental issues such as pollution, green house gases, etc. This was the reason for the change of name to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (although the WWF initials were retained) to reflect the broader WWF campaigns.

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