World Vision Gifts

While originally based in the US, World Vision UK is one of the largest UK based charities attending to the poor and needy of the world, with children a particular focus of the group.

As with so many of the other well know children’s charities we are seeing an increasing demand for the World Vision charity gifts scheme which allows supporters to choose practical charity gifts from the World Vision online gift shop and impact directly upon the life of a child. This type of charitable donating gives some of the power back to the thousands of World Vision charity supporters.

Christmas, birthdays and other celebrations are also popular times for people to request World Vision life changing charity gifts for the needy, rather than accept gifts themselves.

World Vision Charity Gift Ideas

World Vision Gifts - World Vision Gifts Shop

Equipment Gifts

World Vision Gifts : Food & Water

Did you know that for just £12 you could feed up to 70 children living in Cambodia, giving them vital nutrients and vitamins which are so lacking in their every day lives. Why not donate just £42 and ensure that at least 40 people in Ethiopia will enjoy fresh water today – a small price to pay for protection against disease and death?

World Vision Gifts - World Vision Gifts Shop

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Medical Gifts

World Vision Gifts : Vaccinations

In Sierra Leone up to 25% of babies will not live to see their first birthday, due to the mass of killer (but ultimately avoidable) childhood diseases in the country. Just £20 will immunise a child against the most common of these conditions and give them a fighting chance of seeing their first birthday.

World Vision Gifts : Mobile Medical Care

Just £54 is all it takes for a specially adapted push bike which will allow the vast array of doctors in Zambia to get mobile and get to the heart of the problem. Helping to stop the spread of malaria, HIV and AIDS is vital, but if the sufferers cannot be reached the task is near impossible.

World Vision Gifts - World Vision Gifts Shop

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Animal Gifts

World Vision Gifts : Goat breeding

To a family in Zimbabwe with no food and no water, let alone any money, the gift of a goat is priceless. The children can drink the milk, with any excess sold at the local market, and the younger Goat kids can be passed down from parents to children for their families. Goat breeding is vital in many of these poorer countries and at just £17, it is a very small price to pay.

World Vision Gifts - World Vision Gifts Shop

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Alternative Gifts