The Childrens Society

Originally created back in 1881 and then know as the Church of England Central Society for Providing Homes for Waifs and Strays, then the Church of England Children's Society and finally The Children's Society Charity, this is one organisation which has literally saved the lives of thousands of youngsters throughout the UK and abroad. While the social injustice which prompted the creation of The Children's Society Charity may have been worse back in the 1880s when there was no support network, the dangers are still there today.

As donations to The Children's Society Charity continue to pour in the childrens charity have moved their focus from the care homes with which they were associated with many years ago, towards a more care in the community type approach in line with other child charities. The Children's Society Charity are very proud of their record which shows that 82p of each 1 donated actually reaches the children who need it most. From runaways to those who have lost parents and all experiences in between, The Children's Society Charity organisation website has details of each campaign and each goal of the charity.

Ways To Donate To The Childrens Society

Regular Donations To The Childrens Society Charity

If you can afford to make a small regular payment to The Childrens Society Charity, this would go a along way to ensuring that more and more children receive the help they need, when they need it. After a few months you may not notice it leaving your bank account, but we will!

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One Off Donations To The Childrens Society Charity

While many people cannot afford to make regular donations to charities, The Childrens Society Charity welcomes anything which you can afford. Not only will 82p of every pound which you donate reach the front line, but they are also able to use the gift aid scheme to claim back 28p tax per one pound donation – increasing their funding substantially.

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The Childrens Society Charity Payroll Giving Scheme

More and more people in the UK are waking up to the fact that many children in the UK are suffering from a number of different forms of abuse, often with no where to go and nobody to talk to. The Childrens Society is making a difference and with your help they can continue to do more and more. Have you ever considered The Childrens Society payroll giving scheme which allows you to donate from your salary before tax has been deducted?

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Alternative Ways To Donate

The Childrens Society Legacies

The Childrens Society Charity has seen a marked increase in the number of charitable legacies being left for the good of the UK’s children. Legacies are one of the more tax efficient easy of contributing to The Childrens Society Charity as the UK government look on these very favourably with regards to tax relief.

The Childrens Society Charity Gift Shares

Have you received a small package of shares from the many demutualisations in the UK? Have you forgotten to sell just a handful of the shares you had and it’s not economical any more? If you have any shares, you can donate to The Childrens Society share scheme where your shares will be amalgamated with the other gifts they receive, sold and all funds paid into the main Childrens Society charity appeal fund.

The Childrens Society Charity Donations In Memory

While the many children’s charities in the UK do what they can to help and assist young children in this country, not all of them can be saved. This has prompted much interest in The Childrens Society donate In Memory scheme which allows you to collect donations in the name of a lost one – family member or friend – and use their plight to raise funds for a worthwhile cause.

The Childrens Society Charity Appeal Support

While cash gifts are very much appreciated by The Childrens Society, not all of us are in a position to donate direct cash. However, you can always donate your time to The Childrens Society and assist at one of the many fundraising ventures, appeals and campaigns. Very often your voice can be as a valuable as the vital funds raised to fund The Childrens Society charity.

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More about The Childrens Society

The History Of The Childrens Society

Originally created as a religious based organisation back in the 1880s, The Children's Society Charity has undergone a number of name changes and a change in focus of late. The leading Childs charity have been involved in caring for children who runaway from home, for re-educating those who are looking to better themselves and for looking after the rights, welfare and future of all children in the UK for many years. The society has also been very proactive in rehousing refugees in the UK with caring communities and families.

While The Children's Society Charity consisted of a number of charity funded childrens homes, allowing those who were sleeping rough or had no where to go a place to stay in safety, this has all changed of late. Over the last 20 years we have seen a major move towards working with families in the community and wherever possible, working to keep families together. The charity still retains its initial aims and goals and while times have changed unfortunately the plight of many children has not. The Children's Society has been, and continues to be, very proactive in campaigning on behalf of the children of the UK and while not always appreciated by the authorities, they have done more for the children of the UK than any other charity.

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