The Aspinall Foundation Donations

Set up by professional gambler and Zoo owner John Aspinall back in 1984, the Aspinall Foundation has attracted more than its fair share of criticism over the years. The Aspinall Foundation charity runs the Port Lympne Zoo and Howletts Wild Animal Park with all profits ploughed back into the animal charity. While the headlines always seem to be about the Zoo and the Wildlife Park, the level of donations to the Aspinall Foundation charity has been very high over recent years recognition of the causes which they address overseas and in the UK.

In basic terms the Aspinall Foundation donations are used to breed rare and near extinct animals in captivity with the intention of returning them to the wild in due course. While the Aspinall Foundation organisation website covers all of their aims and schemes, this area of animal conservation has always been controversial, but successful Gorilla and Tiger breeding programs in the UK have surprised many.

Ways To Donate To The Aspinall Foundation

Adopt An Animal With The Aspinall Foundation

Why not adopt one of the elephants, gorillas or array of other animal in our wild life parks. You will receive an information pack with information about your new friend, pictures and regular updates about what they have been up to. Why not make an animal sponsorship donation as a present for a friend?

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The Aspinall Foundation One Off Donations

Over the last few years there has been a great increase in the awareness of endangered animals, with the likes of The Aspinall Foundation charity at the forefront. The internet has given The Aspinall Foundation appeal a much needed boost with many one off charitable donations now received online via The Aspinall Foundation website. Its quick, easy and secure.

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The Aspinall Foundation Regular Donations

While there has been a boost in one off charitable donations to The Aspinall Foundation charity, there has also been a very useful increase in regular donations with many people now becoming aware of how easy it is. Charitable donations are the only bank mandates which do not require formal signatures and as such the whole process can be completed securely and safely online.

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The Aspinall Foundation Gift Aid

Imagine if for every one pound donation you made The Aspinall Foundation charity could claim back 28p from the government well they can! All The Aspinall Foundation need is your permission and they will be able to claim back tax of 28p for every pound donated, boosting The Aspinall Foundation appeal fund enormously. Gift Aid is a very useful scheme for those charities struggling to fund their causes.

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Alternative Gift Shopping At The Aspinall Foundation

Check out The Aspinall Foundation charity website which has a massive array of animal related merchandise for sale with all profits going to the charity. From tiger print rugs to donation boxes to gift cars, there really is something for everyone.

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Alternative Ways To Donate

Visit The Aspinall Foundation Wild Life Parks

Why not treat the kids to a day out at the Howletts or the Port Lympne Wild Life parks where you can se what your donations are doing for the many endangered species around the world. All profits fro the Wild Life Parks go directly to The Aspinall Foundation to fund campaigns and charity operations.

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More about The Aspinall Foundation

The History Of The Aspinall Foundation

Ever since John Aspinall first started his animal collection as far back as 1957, and began his move into the Zoo and Wildlife Park sector his Aspinall Foundation charity has been under attack from the purists. While breeding in captivity is not the ideal way to protect any specie, we are in grave danger of losing more and more animals because of a variety of dangers. When you consider that the Aspinall Foundation operations are home to over 1000 animals, and 90 different species you may well get a feel for the size of the operation.

The Aspinall Foundation charity has been very proactive in places such as Gabon and Congo where that have re-introduced over 50 gorillas back into their own habitat. This has been an ongoing effort since the late 1950s when it became apparent to John Aspinall that so many of the worlds animals were in danger (recent reports suggest that up to 25% of the worlds species will become extinct within 20 years). Never afraid to tackle the experts head on, the Aspinall Foundation charity breeding program is amongst the most advanced anywhere in the world, something which is reflected in the increasing Aspinall Foundation donations.

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