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Next time you walk down the street, look around you at the buildings, the trees and the people then stop, close your eyes for a moment and imagine what life would be like without vision. Then you will realise the importance and power of the Sightsavers International charity. Sightsavers International UK have been raising funds and carrying out vital procedures in the third world for over 50 years. While the sight of many can be saved with simple cataract operation (costing just 17), there are some who are beyond repair.

This is where the second leg of the human welfare charity Sightsavers International comes in, with education, advice and support for those who are permanently blind. Many people in the UK may not realise that blindness in the third world can lead to social exclusion, malnourishment and early death in fact less than half of the children who experience permanent blindness will see adult hood. The Sightsavers International organisation website offers facts and figures from around the world showing what can be done for a fairly minimal cost.

Ways To Donate To Sightsavers International

Sightsavers One Off Donations

You can make a simple one off donation to the Sightsavers International Charity by logging on the Sightsavers organization website, clicking on the donations section and following the simple instructions. Online Sightsavers donations have been rising since the charity introduced the service to their site. Juts a few pounds could save the sight of someone who has not seen the sun for years.

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Sightsavers Regular Donations

Many people are now choosing to donate regular payments to the Sightsavers International Charity and this can be done via a bank card or you can set up a direct debit with your bank. Both options are covered in detail on the Sightsavers charity website and everything can be done online. Even a few pounds could make all of the difference.

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Sightsavers Payroll Giving

As more and more charities and donors look to get the most out of their donations, many people are starting to use the Sightsavers Charity payroll giving service which allows you to donate to the charity on a regular basis, before tax is deducted. While the charity can claim back tax under the Sightsavers Charity Gift Aid scheme, a gross donation saves time and expense.

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Sightsavers Gift Aid

However much money you donate to Sightsavers Charity the charity can claim back 28p per pound form the government. This is an agreed figure which is in affect a tax rebate to the charity, and all they need is your permission. It won’t cost you a penny and it can increase funding by up to 30%!

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Alternative Ways To Donate

Sightsavers Charity Legacies

More and more donors are now choosing to leave charitable donations in their wills, with the Sightsavers Charity legacy scheme growing in popularity over the last few years. Tax efficient and a very worthwhile cause, you can even make a difference when you are not around.

Sightsavers Charity Share Giving

The UK has one of the largest shareholder bases in the world with many people receiving gifts from the array of demutualised companies listing on the stock market over the last few years. Even if you just have a few pounds worth of shares spare, these can be bulked together with other donors, sold and the proceeds added to the Sightsavers charity appeal fund. There is very little for you to do as the Sightsavers Charity will look after the paperwork.

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More about Sightsavers International

The History Of Sightsavers International

When you consider that the Sightsavers International charity has only been around since the 1950s and is currently operating on over 14 million people a year the size of this charity should not be underestimated. As well as correcting and assisting those 14 million people, over 233,000 people were last year given back the gift of sight with simple cataract operations. Initially set-up by Sir John Wilson with the intention of restoring sight to the masses in Commonwealth countries, as with so many successful operations the Sightsavers International charity quickly expanded.

Keeping costs down to a minimum and quality of treatment as high as possible is an art which the Sightsavers International charity have learned over the years. Mobile operating outlets have increased the coverage as well as reducing overheads, allowing more 17 cataract operations to be carried out. Donating to Sightsavers International has become vital for so many people and while the amount of Sightsavers International donations is holding up well, the number of people suffering from sight conditions is set to grow substantially in the immediate future. Simple solutions for simple problems have given so many people the gift of sight, something which captures the whole ethos of Sir John Wilsons initial idea.

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