Shelter Donations

The Shelter charity is basically a UK based charity which is there to ensure that everyone in the UK has access to a home, or are aware of their rights in times of trouble. The housing charity helps over 170,000 people get back on their feet each year, and are very vocal in their campaigns towards the UK government. The Shelter donations are split 2/3 towards the housing side and 1/3 towards the cost of campaigning a split which has worked well.

Shelter is one of the leading UK housing charities and the number of people donating to Shelter has held up more than many other UK charities. The Shelter organisation website is full of new and innovative ideas and campaigns, none more so than the Shelter Build a City campaign ( which is covered in the donations section below. With more and more children being brought up in sub-standard housing, Shelter has become a life line for many.

Ways To Donate To Shelter

Shelter Charity Regular Donations

The Shelter Charity has a number of ways in which you can donate although the more popular approach of late seems to the Shelter regular contributions scheme. Simply click onto the Shelter organisation website, check out the online donations page and you will be taken step by step through the online process. It is all very safe and very secure.

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Shelter Charity One Off Donations

The internet has been a god send for many charities, including the Shelter organisation, with many people now able to access the charity online. Due to improvements in technology it is now possible to donate to Shelter online, all secure and safe. You can donate as much or as little as you can, safe in the knowledge that you are helping the any homeless and deprived in the UK. One off donations to Shelter really make a difference.

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Shelter Charity Gift Aid

Many people seem to forget, or do not know, that the UK government operate a charity Gift Aid Scheme of which the Shelter foundation is a part. Simply by giving the Shelter Charity permission to speak to the government, they can reclaim 28p in every pound donated covering tax you will have paid on your contributions.

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Alternative Ways To Donate

Run For Shelter

The Shelter charity hold a number of charity runs up and down the country at all times of the year. Whether you are a professional runner or just jog in the park, why not join in, keep fit and make some money to help the homeless at the same time?

Raise Money For Shelter

Like all UK charities the Shelter charity are always looking for new and innovative ways to attract new funding, and the people to administer these fund raising exercises. If you have the time and the drive to make a difference, why not drop the Shelter charity a line?

Shop For Shelter

The Shelter Charity has teamed up with some of the UKs leading credit card companies, arranging donations for every pound you spend. Or why not recycle your phone for charity and Shelter will receive a payment. The number of commercial Shelter schemes is growing each year, earning income for the charity without costing you an extra penny.

Shelter Corporate Sponsorship

The UK is leading the charity industry with regards to corporate sponsorship, with more and more companies looking to make regular charitable contributions. Whether you own a business or work for a business, why not see if there is any way in which you can help?

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More about Shelter

The History Of Shelter

Even though the Shelter charity was founded back in 1966, the need for housing advice and assistance has never been more vital than today in the UK. Shelter is the largest of the UK housing charities covering all parts of the UK where housing laws may be different. As more and more people fall into the debt trap, it seems that more and more are unaware of their rights Shelter are trying to change this by education and practical assistance. While not always the main headline makers in the world of charity, they do actually cover the full spectrum from children to adults of all ages.

The charity was formed in the slums of London back in the 1960s where founder Bruce Kenrick realised that while the rich were getting richer, the number of poor families in the UK was spiraling. Very quickly the charity began to grown in size although it was the BBC drama Cathy Come Home (shown in 1966) which really brought the troubles to the attention of the masses. The Shelter charity has often suffered from a lack of mainstream exposure as people cant believe that so many people are struggling in the days of rising incomes and buoyant economies. The sad truth is that more and more families are falling into the poverty trap, and it is housing charities such as Shelter who are able to help them out again.

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