Save The Children Gifts

While there are thousands of charities throughout the world, there are some which need no introduction - Save The Children is one of them.

Over the last few years we have seen a major increase in the Save The Children charity gifts scheme, with many people preferring to gift to charity rather than donate funds. By choosing the charitable gift you want to purchase, you know what will be received by those most in need and the life changing impact it will have.

Many people are also asking their friends and family to participate in the Save The Children alternative gifts scheme as an alternative to traditional birthday and Christmas presents.

Save The Children Charity Gift Ideas

Education Gifts

Practical Presents : Shoes

Just £10 will be enough to see a child provided with a pair of long lasting shoes to get then too and from school. With many children situated miles away from the education centres getting there can be tiresome and often dangerous without the right equipment.

Practical Presents : Text Books

Just £12 will give a child the chance to better themselves and bring more to their family life. The need to re-educate and empower the younger generation can change communities forever, giving them the chance to survive and prosper.

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Medical Gifts

Practical Presents : Plumpy’nut

This rather strangely named baby drink holds all of the vitamins and goodness which a baby needs to fight off illness and ensure good health. At only £7 for a week or £26 for a months supply, the affects can often be visible overnight and give ill children a fighting chance of survival.

Practical Presents : A Baby Kit

As in any country around the world, a child is most vulnerable when first born, although the conditions of a child born in Africa to a child born in the Western world are very different. This simple baby kit costs only £29 and will ensure that a new born baby is protected form infection and disease as soon as they are born, giving them time to adapt to life.

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Employment Gifts

Practical Presents : Sewing Kit

Many people forget that many of the poor around the world are more than capable of looking after themselves if given the slightest bit of assistance. A simple sewing machine will cost only £31 and allow the user to repair their families clothing and also generate their own income from assisting others. Surely they deserve the chance to fend for themselves?

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Alternative Gifts