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Commonly known as the RSPB charity the full title is actually the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, and the Royal assent is something which will give a hint as to the standing in the charity world. Founded on the outskirts of Manchester in 1889 the RSPB Association is probably the UK’s best known Bird Charity. However, the activities of the RSPB charity are not confined to the UK and they are regularly in the news overseas for their charitable campaigns.

Donating to the RSPB has always been very popular in the UK and the RSPB organisation website has ensured that the online charitable donation process could not be simpler. While RSPB donors are massive in numbers, as with any other charity in the UK they urgently require further donations if they are to carry out their activities around the world. They have a very popular RSPB membership club where children and adults are educated about what is going on in the animal world, with news of RSPB campaigns in the past, ongoing and in the future.

Ways To Donate To the RSPB

RSPB Regular Donations

If you want to do your but to help the bird life of the world why not join the RSPB regular donations scheme and donate as much as you can afford each month to the charity. No amount is too small and no amount is too large, it all goes to the same place, the birds which need your help, the wildlife about to hit extinction! Just a few pounds a month could help save a dying specie – it is literally in your hands.

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RSPB Single Donations

If you have a few pounds to spare you might like to check out the RSPB organisation website which covers each and every campaign they are involved in. A few pounds has the ability to make a massive difference to the bird life of the world, the birds under threat of extinction from humans! The minority still have the power to save these beautiful birds and restore them to their former glory.

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RSPB Sponsorship

If you spot an RSPB campaign which catches your eye why not sponsor one of the birds involved and you can take a direct role in the campaign. You will receive an introductory pack and a little fluffy toy to remind you what you have actually sponsored. Perhaps a great way to educate the children of today, who are the voices of tomorrow.

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RSPB Gift Aid

Even if you can only spare a coupe of pounds, did you know that by ticking the RSPB Gift Aid box on the donations form, the RSPB charity can reclaim 28p tax from the government for every pound you donate. A near 33% increase in income overnight and it won’t cost you another penny!

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RSPB Payroll Giving

As more and more of the earths wildlife comes under threat we are seeing an alarming reduction in some of the rare birds around the world. Have you ever considered joining the RSPB Payroll Scheme which allows you to donate to the charity without tax deducted from your income. This saves time and money reclaiming tax under the RSPB gift aid scheme – meaning more and more funding reaches the birds which need it.

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Alternative Ways To Donate

RSPB Recycling Scheme

Why not recycle your mobile and ensure that the RSPB charity receives a payment for every item? Is there a better way to dispose of your old mobile phone?

RSPB Credit Card

Why not take out one of the beautiful RSPB credit cards, whereby the RSPB charity will receive a percentage of everything which you spend. Donating and shopping, now there is a very dangerous combination!

RSPB Online Shop

Why not check out all of the goodies in the RSPB online shop and acquire something for yourself or a friend. All profits will go to the RSPB funds and give the charity that little bit more power to help birds around the world.

RSPB Corporate Membership

As more and more corporations around the world reflect on their environmental obligations, the number of corporate members and donors to the RSPB charity is increasing steadily. Slowly but surely the word is getting through, but there is still a long long way to go!

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More about the RSPB

The History Of the RSPB

Originally set up in the town of Didsbury to fight the trade of ‘Grebe fur’, the RSPB quickly grew into the UK’s leading bird charity. From these humble beginnings in 1889 we have seen the emergence of a charitable organisation which now list 12,000 volunteers and over 1 million members of the charity itself. They have a mission to save birds from harm, protect endangered species and ensure that fair treatment of birds is maintained throughout the world.

The plight of the Grebe, which was the charities first campaign back in the 1800s, demonstrates the power and potential which the RSPB charity holds. Near extinct after great interest from the fashion trade, the RSPB campaign drew attention to their plight and within only a few years the numbers were growing again, and extinction was avoided. The RSPB charity is now heavily involved in bird reserves, bird research, government policy issues in the UK and overseas not to mention an in depth conservation operation. The charity has created a donations income stream of some £90 million, much of which is spent on re-educating a whole host of people around the world – ensuring that many natural disasters such as the extinction of the Dodo may be averted in the future.

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