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The Present Aid charity is the shop division of the well known Christian Aid charity for the poor, but it is one which brings in masses of income for the parent charity. While not a unique idea, the Present Aid organisation allows donors to purchase specific gifts for those less well off than themselves, ensuring that what they buy actually reaches the people in need. The Present Aid catalogue is growing year by year as more useful and vital items become available.

Present Aid charity gifts are mostly defiantly the way forward for charities such as Christian Aid, where ongoing funding and increased exposure are ever more vital if they are to offer the assistance required to the poor of the world. The Present Aid charity, through the Christian Aid charity, is also a major voice in the area of campaigning for better funding and greater rights for those overseas and in the UK who are suffering from lack of food, housing and often forced to work at very young ages for a pittance of pay.

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Present Aid Gifts

As the name suggest, the Present Aid charity specialise in offering useful gifts to purchase online for those less fortunate than ourselves. Not only will those in poverty stricken and war torn countries of the world benefit from your gift, but the Present Aid charity will also be able to claim tax back on your donations.

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Present Aid Gift Aid

As we touched on above, the UK has a scheme called Gift Aid which allows the variety of UK charities such as the Present Aid charity to reclaim 28p in tax from the government for every pound which is donated. All the Present Aid organisation need is you authority to claim the tax back, and it wont cost you a penny extra!

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The History Of Present Aid

The history of the Present Aid charity is firmly linked to that of parent charity Christian Aid, a movement which was created back in 1945 under the control of the Church of England. Initially set up to relocate refugees, the focus and matters covered by the charity have grown substantially since then. In 1991 the Christian Aid movement was separated from the church under a separate legal identity, but it still maintains very strong links with the Church of England.

Present Aid has become a vital area of fund raising for the base charity, offering many people the chance to buy goods for those les fortunate as well as offering relatives and friends to do the same rather than buy gifts for Christmas, etc. It is now possible to ensure that your donations are added to one of six different funds available which include farming, distaster, welfare, power and energy, education and eco-systems. This willingness to let donors have more control over how their Present Aid donations are used has given a different angle to the fund raising process. Using the Gift Aid system in the UK it is also possible for the charity to recoup 28p in the pound from the government a vital component of the charity sector. While initial was only 29,000 back in 1948, donations for the Christian Aid charity has now reached a massive 80m plus a year!

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