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Practical Presents provide practical answers to people and communities in need around the world with gifts that can change a life.

Through the Practical Presents charity gifts website you can buy or help buy things that have a huge impacts on the lives of families in some of the poorest parts of the world. All the Practical Presents gifts help build a better, more sustainable living for communities and individuals living in harsh conditions. Popular presents include 'donate a goat' costing 20, 'donate a duck' costing 12, 'donate a donkey' costing 55, a clean water tape costing just 40 and 'tiny trees' (planting fruit trees for vitamin C) costing 18.

Practical Presents charity gift ideas

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Practical Presents charity gift ideas

Practical Presents Gifts

Donate a Duck Just 12 will give a family a duck that will produce duck eggs which are nutritious and tasty. It will also provide the chance to breed with other ducks to produce much needed income to pay for food, clothing and other much needed necessities.
Donate a Goat When you donate an animal such as a goat for just 20, you giive a gift that can be a real lifesaver providing enough milk to ensure the whole family stays heathy for a long time. A goat can be bred to produce other goats for sale allowing parents to pay for food, education or medicines for the whole family.
The tree of life For just 18 you could give a family some small trees such as the 'Baobab tree' (tree of life) This little tree provides more vitamin C than an orange and more calcium than spinach, it also helps prevent a number of ailments found in poor communities around the world. The bark from this amazing little tree can also be used, when woven, for clothing and for making rope to sell.
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