PDSA Gifts

Originally formed way back in 1917 the PDSA is a charity which ensures that all animals are in a position to receive veterinary treatment, no matter what the financial situation of their owner.

Over the last few years we have seen a definite shift towards charitable gift ideas with the PDSA alternative gifts program proving very popular. The PDSA online shop has a vast array of practical gift ideas, the proceeds from which go directly to the charity and there is also the PDSA charity gift catalogue, which may use around Christmas time and birthdays.

The more popular charity gift ideas are listed below, an area of charitable donations which is set to grow in the future.

PDSA Charity Gift Ideas

Pet Christmas Gifts - PDSA Gifts Shop

Gifts For The Garden

PDSA Gifts : Flowers and hanging baskets

The PDSA charity has a massive range of garden plants and hanging baskets on offer for those keen gardeners out there. Why not ensure that your garden is a kaleidoscope of colour this summer and check out the range of seeds, potted plants and hanging baskets on offer truly something for everyone.

PDSA Gifts : Bird Care

As summer moves to autumn and the season collide the activity amongst the bird population can be a marvel to watch. Why not add a touch of wildlife to your garden with this great array of bird tables, feeder trays and bird baths. Follow the season and the bird activity from the comfort of your own home and watch nature pass by your window.

PDSA Gifts : Garden Furniture

Why not give your garden a new look with an outdoor fire pit to keep the chill away on the cold winter nights, or perhaps a parasol light for those long lazy summer nights. Or why not brighten up your plants and your lawns with one of the special ceramic frogs which will get your visitors thinking! Does your garden need a boost this year?

Pet Christmas Gifts - PDSA Gifts Shop

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Christmas And Birthday Gifts

PDSA Gifts : Presents

Why not treat yourself, a family member or a friend to one of the great number of gift ideas on offer at the PDSA online shop. From cards to brooches, from wind chimes to watches and much more, why not splash out for a birthday or Christmas with all profits going to the PDSA charity. Help yourself to help those animals in need of care and attention.

Pet Christmas Gifts - PDSA Gifts Shop

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Alternative Gifts