While commonly known as PDSA, this animal charities full name is the Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals, with a history which goes back to 1917. There are few countries in the world which can match the amount of money donated to animal charities, with UK PDSA donations leading this particular sector. The PDSA charity was created so that no animals would suffer from lack of veterinary treatment and the PDSA UK division is the largest veterinary charity in the country.

While there have been major advances in animal charity care since the early 1900s, the same basic principles still apply as only pets from families who receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit are eligible for the free treatment. The PDSA organisation website is one of the most popular in the UK animal charity sector, making PDSA donating as simple as possible.

Ways To Donate To PDSA

PDSA Regular Donations

For all of the PDSA donors who give on a monthly basis, the PDSA charity have created a “Companions” magazine which comes out quarterly, offering an interesting insight into the animal world.

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PDSA One Off Donations

The PDSA charity are happy to accept charitable donations of any amount, and with your permission hey can claim back 28p tax relief for every £1 donated – it costs you nothing, but it makes a big difference to the pets they look after.

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PDSA Online Shop

Whether you are looking for seeds for the garden, alternative charitable gifts for a friend, the PDSA online shop will have something for you. All profits go to the main charity fund.

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PDSA Raffles

Why not check out the regular PDSA raffles and donate to the charity with the chance of wining a prize – the tickets are cheap, but the prizes are not!

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PDSA Prize Draw

The PDSA prize draws not only attract charitable donations to the campaign, but charity donors also have a great chance of winning a cash prize. As they say, it could be you!

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Alternative Ways To Donate

PDSA Legacies

The PDSA Legacy campaign has been very successful over recent years with more and more people leaving legacies to an array of animal charities. Due to the tax position afforded to charitable legacies, they are one of the more lucrative donation methods.

PDSA Volunteers

The PDSA charity is always crying out for volunteers to help in all areas of the organisation, from admin to picking up pets to caring for them. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

PDSA Financial Services

As the charity finance sector continues to grow, the PDSA organisation has teamed up with some of the best financial minds in the UK to offer our supporters a financial advice service. Help yourself and help the charity at the same time with commissions earned for referring you to their partners.

PDSA Fundraising

The PDSA animal charity are forever looking for new and innovative fund raising ideas, and people willing to help raise funds. If you can spare the time, it would be greatly appreciated.

PDSA Websearch

In the era of the internet superhighway the charity have created the PDSA search engine with a major online partner. They earn income every time you use the free search engine, and it won’t cost you a penny!

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More about PDSA

The History Of the PDSA

Founded in 1917 by Maria Dickin as an animal charity to assist the poor in looking after their animals, the PDSA Charity was very much in demand even as far back as the early 1900s. The first charity outlet opened in 1917 and quickly grew forcing the PDSA charity into larger premises. Within 6 years Mrs Dickin had overseen the creation of a horse drawn mobile veterinary clinic which travelled around the country soon to become a fleet!

At the time many people were critical of the plans and did not believe that they would work, but the PDSA organisation now provides over 1 million free consultations a year for the poor and needy. The charity is also officially recognised as central to the animal welfare sector in the UK, something which was underlined by acts of parliament in 1948 and 1956 leading to a place on the statutory books. The PDSA charity also created a number of awards for animal bravery (such as those in the military) and the Dickin Medal is recognized as the animals Victoria Cross and the PDSA Gold Medal the equivalent of the George Cross. The position of the PDSA in the charity sector underlines the historic love of animals in the UK.

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