Oxfam Gifts

Oxfam International is actually a confederation of 13 Oxfam operations in countries around the globe. Founded in the UK back in 1942 the Oxfam Charity is fighting injustice and poverty around the world, something which has seen the profile of the Oxfam organisation grow over the last 60 years.

While the majority of the Oxfam Charity funding comes from online cash donations, we are seeing more and more interest in the online charity shop. The Oxfam shop allows you to buy a selection of gifts for those in need of support and assistance, and also buy items for yourself, the profits from which will go to fund the Oxfam Charity.

Oxfam Charity Gift Ideas

Charity Christmas Gifts - Oxfam Gifts Shop

Animal Gifts

Oxfam Gifts : Chickens

Just £12 will see a dozen chickens received by a poverty stricken family overseas, allowing them to eat and also build up their own stock of birds, selling any surplus produce at the market.

Oxfam Gifts : Bees hive and accessories

A donation of £50 will see the start of a very productive bee hive business with honey available for the family to eat and surplus stock sold to raise money for essentials such as food and medicine.

Charity Christmas Gifts - Oxfam Gifts Shop

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Employment Gifts

Oxfam Gifts : Market Trader Makeover

A payment of just £8 is all that it takes to teach the budding entrepreneurs how to sell their produce at market. Help them to help themselves and they will soon be able to look after each other.

Oxfam Gifts : Fair Trade Chocolate

The introduction of the Fair Trade system has been a revelation in the charity sector. A fair price for fair goods, why not treat you to some excellent chocolates for just £3 upwards.

Charity Christmas Gifts - Oxfam Gifts Shop

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Life Style Gifts

Oxfam Gifts : Solar and Wind Up Radio

Stuck in the wilderness times can often be hard and help many miles away. The gift of a solar / windup radio will ensure that help can be summoned when need, all for just £34.99.

Oxfam Gifts : Clothing

Many children miss out on their traditional clothing due to the lack of funds in many places around the world. Just £16 can see a child connect with their roots and help them along in later life, not to mention protecting them from the elements.

Charity Christmas Gifts - Oxfam Gifts Shop

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Alternative Gifts