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To give the NSPCC Charity its correct name, it is the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. While the NSPCC childrens charity has received recent acclaim with the 2006 merger with ChildLine, the charity itself has a history which goes back to 1884. Amazingly, prior to the first Child Protection laws of 1889 it was up to the RSPCA to bring the first child cruelty case to court, where the child in question was described as a small animal due to no child protection laws being in place.

NSPCC Childrens charity

The NSPCC charity has been involved in a number of controversial incidents over the years with many feeling that they are too protection and too proactive. This is hotly disputed by the NSPCC Charity and the thousands of children they have rescued over the years continue to back up their approach. NSPCC donations are on the increase and donating to the NSPCC has never been easier via the NSPCC organisation website.

Ways To Donate To NSPCC

NSPCC One Off Donations

Of all the charities in the UK it is the NSPCC charity which seems to attract much attention with many people horrified at the reported stories in the press. As such there has been a regular flow of NSPCC one off donations for some time, but more is needed to keep the fight going, to protect the children of the UK. Check out the website and you will see how simple and quick it is to donate today – you can make a difference.

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NSPCC Regular Donations

Regular charitable donations are very often the life blood of many charities and the NSPCC association is no different. The more regular charitable donations coming in, the further into the future the charity can look when planning NSPCC campaigns, etc. Regular support is vital and if you can spare just a few pounds a month, you can make a difference.

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NSPCC Gift Aid

Gift aid is vital to the NSPCC charity as a way of ensuring that each and every donation is used to its full capacity. By simply ticking the donations form when you donate, this allows the charity to reclaim tax of 28p from the government for every pound you donate. As you can guess this has made a massive difference to the funding options for the charities of today.

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Alternative Ways To Donate

NSPCC Donating Through Your Salary

Many people are now looking at setting up direct charitable donations from their salaries – a process which ensures that your chosen charity get your gross donations as soon as possible. This is an excellent way to donate because there is less cost and time associated with reclaiming the tax element.

NSPCC Donating Through Your Tax Return

Don’t worry if you have not had time to make a donation to the NSPCC charity, it is never too late. You can even make a donation on your tax return and ensure that the tax element of your donation is also reimbursed to the charity. For a list of the many ways you can donate online and offline, check out the website today.

NSPCC In Memory Of

Many people go through the heartache of losing a family member or friend wondering how they can remember their lives and their character. You can make a difference by using the NSPCC In Memory Of Scheme to donate to the charity in the name of a lost one. What better mark to leave on society?

NSPCC Legacies

As personal wealth in the UK continues to creep upwards in the longer term, we are seeing more and more NSPCC legacy donations. Whether small or large in size, these donations are grateful welcomed and can often make a real difference to the NSPCC charity.

NSPCC Giving Shares

As more and more people throughout the UK own shares, there will probably be a situation where you hold a small amount of shares which are not worth selling. Why not donate these to the NSPCC charity where they will be amalgamated with others and sold for the benefit of the NSPCC association.

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More about NSPCC

The History Of the NSPCC

As we touched on above, the NSPCC childrens charity has a history which goes back to 1884, even before there were laws to protect children from abuse and neglect. The charity was granted a Royal Charter in 1895 and has become known as one of the leading childrens charities in the world. Obviously close to the hearts of many people throughout the UK, the NSPCC has grown in strength and stature throughout the years, not afraid to tackle taboo subjects in the name of child safety.

The high profile 2006 merger with ChildLine, another childrens charity which was headed by Ester Rantzen for so long, brought together the two main child protect charities in the UK. The NSPCC has a set of core values which are based upon the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and this is something which they have kept to for many years. The recent NSPCC Full Stop campaign aimed at stamping out all forms of child abuse was both high profile and brought the subject into the public domain, with over 250 million spent on the campaign. The charity is currently going from strength to strength.

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