Farm-Africa Gifts

The Farm-Africa charity was formed back in 1985 to combat the growing poverty and falling living standards in Eastern and South Africa.

While direct donations are still the mainstay of the charity they are seeing more people taking advantage of the Farm-Africa alternative gifts scheme. This allows donors to choose charity gift ideas from the Farm-Africa online gift shop in the knowledge that these alternative gifts will be received by the hungry and needy.

There is also a move towards more Farm-Africa charity gifts for Christmas and practical gifts in exchange for birthday presents. It seems that more and more people are taking great pleasure in choosing the charity gifts which there money is buying.

Farm-Africa Charity Gift Ideas

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Animal Gifts

Farm-Africa Gifts : Goatbusters

While living off the land can be difficult in parts of Africa, the introduction of a single goat and a structured breeding program can make all the difference. The Farm-Africa goatbuster program allows families to use milk from the goats, sell any surplus and use the goats manure to feed their own crops. The families are educated in how to look after the goats and ensure they get the most out of them.

Farm-Africa Gifts : Camels

While we all know how hot it can be in the desert, can you really imagine having no local water supply, having to travel miles each day for water and the affect this has on the body? For just £120 we can purchase a camel which families can use both for transport and rich milk on a regular basis. These giants of the desert can even produce milk in the most severe droughts, something which can literally save lives.

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Gifts For The Land

Farm-Africa Gifts : Seed Starter Kits

While there are few plants which will grow in many areas of Africa, there are some such as maize, ground nuts and pulses which can prosper in this terrain. For just £5 why not give a family the chance to harvest the land for their own benefit, with our seed starter pack which comes with instructions and information about how they can get the best out of their crop.

Farm-Africa Gifts : Fermented Cow’s Urine

While this may not sound the most attractive of propositions, fermented cow’s urine is an excellent natural pesticide and will protect crops from unwanted insects which can wipe out a healthy harvest in no time. In areas such as Africa it is vital to get the most out of what is around you, but many people still need educating about what they can and cannot use.

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Alternative Gifts