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The FARM-Africa charity is a non-government funded organization which is committed to reducing poverty is Eastern and South Africa, though a co-operation and re-education of the locals in the area. While the provide services, food and equipment their main goal is to assist in specific campaigns and ensure that the local community are able to fend for themselves after a period of education. There are three main themes, Pastoral Development, Community Forest Management and Land Reforms.

Started in Kenya in 1985 FARM Africa charity has become one of the most proactive charities in the region. By 1999 the charity was growing quicker than many had ever dreamed of but FARM-Africa donations began to slow and the charity hit financial difficulties. A period of reorganisation ensured and the FARM-Africa charitable organisation was rebased and strengthened, with the introduction of the FARM-Africa organization website ensuring that FARM-Africa donating could not be simpler. Now firmly back on its feet, the FARM-Africa campaigns are plentiful again and those in poverty stricken areas of Africa are benefitting again.

Ways To Donate To FARM-Africa

FARM-Africa One Off Online Donation

While there are now many ways to donate to the FARM-Africa charity, one of the most popular methods is still direct one off charitable donations. These can be for as little or as much as you can afford – all funds are appreciated. For further instructons and a secure payment system, check out the FARM-Africa charity internet site.

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FARM-Africa Regular Online Donation

As we see more and more poverty in places like Africa, the FARM-Africa charity appeal is in need of ever more charitable donations and funding. Thankfully more and more people are looking towards regular online donations as a way to help, with funding in this area beginning to rise. The FARM-Africa online donations page is secure, simple to use and ensures your donations get direct to them as soon as possible.

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FARM-Africa Gift Aid

The FARM-Africa Gift Aid appeal is something which is often misunderstood or ignored by many donors, but it is a scheme run by the UK government. Simply by giving the FARM-Africa charity permission, they can claim an additional 28p from each pound which you donate, at no cost to you. The 28p payment is simply a repayment of tax paid by you, direct from the UK government.

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Alternative Ways To Donate

FARM-Africa Fund Raising Events

If you are not able to donate directly to the FARM-Africa campaign, we are always looking for people to organise fund raising events, or even better take part in them! These are alternative gifts which we value as much as direct cash donations. Join The FARM-Africa Fundraising Family, its fun and its all in the name of a great cause.

FARM-Africa Harvest Appeal

As the harvest time approaches many families in Africa are unsure whether they will eat tomorrow and whether the harvest will happen. The FARM-Africa Harvest Appeal is a joint venture between the FARM-Africa charity and many churches around the UK, where charitable donations are used to ensure that many of these families will see a harvest this year, and will be able to eat tomorrow.

FARM-Africa School Support

Over the years we have seen a growing number of the younger UK generation donating to FARM-Africa, whether through school FARM-Africa fund raising events, or gifts and presents for the children affected. The FARM-Africa charity is not just about raising funds, it is also about raising awareness.

FARM-Africa Trust and Charitable Organisations

While the FARM-Africa trust is very active in Africa, there are many other children’s charities that contribute to a number of our causes, through direct charitable donations and trust donations. If you are in a position to assist, your help would be appreciated by the charity.

FARM-Africa Legacy

More and more people are choosing to leave charitable legacies when they organize their financial affairs, or upon their own demise. The FARM-Africa legacy campaign has mushroomed over the last few years, allowing funds to be donated directly, ensuring the authorities do not take any more taxes from you.

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More about FARM-Africa

The History Of FARM-Africa

The FARM-Africa charity is a fairly new affair and while it did hit some financial turbulence in 1999, donating to FARM-Africa is firmly on the up and there is now a firm financial base. The first campaign way back in 1986 was the FARM-Africa Kenya Pastoralist Development Project which saw the pastoral way of life encouraged and the introduction of camels to the local population. There have been many more FARM-Africa campaigns throughout Africa where literally millions of people have benefitted.

The FARM-Africa charitable organization is based in London but has offices in all across the African continent, ensuring that they are in touch with what is happening on the ground, and are able to make full use of FARM-Africa donations. While there are times when basic help is required, the FARM-Africa campaign to bring new skills to the local population has literally been passed down the line form generation to generation. The FARM-Africa charity have received various awards for their work, a work which continues at full speed to this very day.

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