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The CIWF charity is also known as the Compassion in World Farming charity and is in effect an animal welfare charity which is based in the UK. In basic terms the CIWF charity is a highly adventurous foundation which works very hard to expose some of the disgraceful treatment of animals around the world, in the name of modern day farming. While the practices which they have investigated are predominantly European based, they are also looking at farming measures in other areas of the world.

The CIWF charity has been very proactive in campaigns which involve calf exports, long distance animal transport, broiler chicken and battery hens. The battery hen campaign is perhaps their most high profile to date, involving a very hard hitting short film which highlighted all of the terrible aspects of the trade. CIWF UK is focused on the organic and free range methods of farming, detailing how and why they should be instigated into the mass market. Your charitable donations really can make a difference!

Ways To Donate To CIWF

CIWF One Off Donations

Like any charity in the modern world, the CIWF organisation website is packed with useful information about what the CIWF charity do, where the money goes and how you can help and donate. If you are looking to make a one off payment, simply click on the website, fill in your details, the amount you want to donate and the CIWF charity will do the rest.

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CIWF Regular Donations

If you are looking to support the CIWF campaigns on a regular basis, why not log onto the website and set up a monthly payment from your bank account. The process is simple, quick and very secure with the CIWF group doing the entire behind the scenes work on your behalf. Whether you are looking to donate just a few pounds online or a larger donation, all funds are gratefully accepted.

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CIWF Gift Aid

As money becomes tighter in the UK charity sector it is vital that donors and charities take advantage of all schemes and benefits at their disposal. The CIWF gift aid scheme is run in conjunction with the government and allows the charity to claim 28p from the government (in tax rebates) for every pound that you donate. Simply tick the box when you donate and the charity will do the rest, at no extra cost to you.

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Alternative Ways To Donate

CIWF Campaign Assistance

The CIWF charity has a number of high profile campaigns running throughout the ear, campaigns which need your help and your input. Even if you can only spare a few hours a week, you can make a difference.

CIWF Community Events

If you are looking to become a little more proactive why not set-up a fund raising exercise in your community, and do your bit for the CIWF charity. All funds, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated and go towards a very worthwhile cause.

CIWF Memberships

Why not join the CIWF charity where for as little as 2 a month you can receive regular updates about events and campaigns and information about past success stories. A charity is only as good as the people behind it and it is defiantly a case of the more the merrier.

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More about CIWF

The History Of CIWF

The CIWF charity was founded in 1967 by husband and wife dairy farmers Peter Roberts and his wife Anna who have been in the farming business for decades. Dismayed by the moves in modern day farming even back in the 1960s they began to investigate new techniques and highlight the traumatic lives which many animals were incurring in the name of farming. While originally administered from the Roberts front room, the charity now has offices all over the world and is the lead member of the European Coalition for Farm Animals.

In the early days funding was a problem as CIWF donations were initially few and far between, with none of the 1960s animal charities willing to lend a hand or pursue the plight of farm animals. Over the years the CIWF vision where farm animals will be treated with dignity and cruel practices outlawed has seen some major moves, but there is still much work to be done. Strongly behind the Green movement, the profile of the CIWF charity has increased substantially of late and many of the practices which they highlighted back in the 1960s have been outlawed. CIWF is one charity where you can actually help with donations and changing your food habits its not difficult and it will have real impact!

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