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There can be few charities in the world which have had the impact which ChildLine has had since being set-up by Esther Rantzen in 1986. The humble beginnings of this leading Childrens Charity can be traced back to a TV program presented by Ms Rantzen in which the subject of child abuse was tackled head on. A support telephone line was set-up after the show although the response was staggering with people young and old ringing to report abuse they had experienced or seen the award winning childrens charity was born.

The ChildLine charity has been responsible for uncovering a great many cases of child abuse both recent and in years gone by. While the convictions have hit the headlines it is the help and support they are able to offer the children involved (and adults who have suffered) which has been most valuable. Quite frankly, ChildLine has saved thousands of children from abuse and allowed a great many more to gain closure on their ordeals. In 2006 the charity merged with the NSPCC after a period of financial instability, but is now secure and receiving the necessary funding.

Ways To Donate To Childline

ChildLine One Off Online Donations

As with the vast array of modern day charities, the ChildLine charity has its own dedicated website which keeps supporters in touch with what is happening. There is also a very safe and secure online payment system for those wishing to make a one off donation online (also see out ChildLine Gift Aid section below).

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ChildLine Regular Online Donations

Thanks to changes n the law some time ago it is now possible to set up a direct debit mandate online so that you can arrange to support your favourite charity on a regular basis. The process is fully explained on the website with a step by step guide for those maybe a little uncertain. Within a few minutes you could be a ChildLine charity regular donor, knowing that your money is being put to very good use.

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ChildLine Gift Aid

While the UK Charity sector struggles to raise much needed funds, many people are unaware of the Gift Aid Scheme. ChildLine Gift Aid has raised in excess of 45 million simply by asking ChildLine donors to fill in a simple form which allows us to claim back tax off the government 28p for each 1 you donate, at no cost to the donor. The ChildLine Gift Aid scheme is growing in popularity and boosting the total funds raised.

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Alternative Ways To Donate

ChildLine In Memory Of

Many people find solace in charitable donations in memory of a loved one, whether it be a family member of a friend. Instead of flowers at a funeral or gifts for those remaining, why not ask your friends to donate to ChildLine and help families and children of the future have a better life.

ChildLine Legacies

Charitable legacies are becoming more and more common with many people feeling strongly that their assets should be used for charitable purposes, rather than be swallowed up by the tax authorities. We have seen a major increase in ChildLine legacies over the last few years with many choosing to donate part of their assets to their favourite charities.

ChildLine Donating Through Your Tax Return

If you are looking for assistance with your Tax Return, why not use the ChildLine Legatio FreeFile tax return system, which has been copied by many other UK Charities. The system helps you to calculate your tax return with the option of making a donation to Childline as tax efficiently as possible.

ChildLine Donating Through Your Salary

Donating through your salary is often called Pay Roll Giving and is the process by which your ChildLine donations are deducted from your gross salary, ensuring that the charity receive your tax credit at source. This not only saves time but cost, something which allows your ChildLine donation to go directly to where it is most needed.

ChildLine Giving Shares

Over the last few years we have seen more and more people donating their shares to ChildLine, allowing us to bulk together shares in the same companies and sell in the market, raising much need money for ChildLine. As more people receive small packages of shares in the various demutualised companies, this form of efficient charitable donating is gathering pace.

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More about Cancer Research UK

The History Of Cancer Research UK

As we mentioned above, the Cancer Research UK charity was the result of the 2002 merger of Cancer Research Campaign and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund. The organisations decided to join forces to become the main force in the UK Cancer Research sector, as well as offering an opportunity to reduce their overheads, leaving more funding for investment into Cancer Treatments.

The Charity is now established as the largest Cancer Research Organisation outside of the US and has been at the forefront of a number of high profile campaigns, such as the campaign to ban smoking in the workplace which has now been widened thanks to the constant lobbying of Charities such as Cancer Research UK.

As well as supporting external research, the Cancer Research UK charity also have their own army of researchers and scientists working on ever more novel ways to fight the battle against old and new cancers. Cancer is a condition which will probably touch each and every person in the UK in some way and it attracts the lions share of Charitable Donations in the UK.

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