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Over the last few years we have seen a major increase in the alternative Charity gift market, as more people take control of how their money is spent and where it is going. We have seen a massive increase in the number of ethical alternative gift ideas, education gifts, gifts for the land, gifts for business and ultimately the gift of life.

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The system is very simple in that you log on to the Charity’s online gift shop, browse the alternative gifts on offer and choose what YOU think would be useful to someone in a poverty stricken land, or a child who has nowhere to live. You have the power to make it happen, you have the power to choose what gifts they will receive – ultimately the choice is yours. Donating alternative gifts is easy and its available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Alternatively why not buy UK charity gifts for your friends with the profits from your purchase going directly to the UK charity. Great numbers are now looking towards alternative charitable gifts for birthdays and charitable presents for Christmas, knowing that their purchase can and will make a difference.

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Alternative Gifts Catalogue

All of the alternative gifts are items which the Charity know will be useful, know are in short supply and ultimately these are the gifts that will help those people in difficult situation to help themselves. While donating cash is great as it will ultimately buy the gifts, support and supplies that you can buy online, very often those who are the target of the charity do not want charity for the rest of their lives.

Lets not forget that we all have pride, we all fall down at some stage and we all need a lift back up, the chances are that we have friends who can support us and help us through the troubled times, but in some lands the support network is not there.

A simple bee hive which might cost £50 will see a family fed with honey and able to sell the surplus at local markets, buying food and medicines with the proceeds, or a small plot of land with a few seeds will see a family grow their own food, again selling any surplus for other necessities. There is also the chicken and goats which can supply much need nutrients, food and money to poverty stricken families.

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Buying Alternative Gifts For Friends And Family

While the area of buying alternative gifts and sending to those in need seems to receive more exposure than buying charitable gifts for family and friends, both are just as vital to the long term success of any charity. The days of poor quality charitable gifts have gone, we are in an era where gifts from charities are no different to those you buy in online shops, but the profit actually goes to the charity.

So next time you have a birthday, why not request your friends and family buy alternative presents from your favourite charity? Why not ensure that your charitable gift purchase makes a difference and helps someone who is in a worse situation than you. Special occasions are for giving, not just receiving, now we all have a choice.

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Ethical Gifts Help Change Lives

We are talking about civilisations that have often lived in their homelands for thousand of years, feeding off the land. Circumstances have very often turned against them, whether this is the weather, war or political intervention, and all they need is a foot up the ladder, a chance to start again, a small practical gift which we take for granted, but is priceless to them. You have the power to change lives all for the sake of a few pounds, is it really such a hardship?

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