Cancer Research UK Donations

While the Cancer Research UK Charity itself was only formed in February 2002, it was the merger of two of the UK largest Cancer Charities, Cancer Research Campaign and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund who were each a leading Cancer Charity in the UK in their own right. Widely accepted as the leading light in Cancer Research, the charity is also the UKs largest health information provider, paying for support for more than 4,000 researchers and technicians throughout the Cancer Research Sector.

When you consider that the Cancer Research UK organisation spent upwards of 315 million on cancer research in the tax year 2006-07, you can see that Donating to Cancer Research UK has become something very close to the heart of many in the UK. While Cancer Research UK donations did suffer with the introduction of the National Lottery and changes in the governments charity regulations, they are now back on an upward trend. The Cancer Research UK organisation website is one of the most popular charitable websites in the world today.

Ways To Donate To Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK Regular Donations

Donors can subscribe to pay anything from 2 a month upwards to the charity via their bank account ( This Scheme currently has over 1 million regular donors who between them are increasing the funds of Cancer Research UK by some 5 million a month.

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Cancer Research UK One Off Regular Donations

As more people become aware of the threat of cancer, many through friends or their own experiences, Cancer Research UK donations have been increasing steadily for some time. A one off payment, no matter how little you can afford, can make a difference to your own life in the future. The higher the awareness of the Cancer Research UK charity the greater the chance of finding cures to the various forms of cancer appearing.

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Cancer Research UK Gifts

The Cancer Research UK Charity has a network of over 600 charity shops throughout Britain where people can donate clothing or other items for resale, or buy Cancer Research UK gifts for family and friends with all proceeds going to the charity. As well as the more traditional charity outlets, the Cancer Research UK Wishes Shops, where you can buy cards, stationary and the like are proving very popular as an alternative source of donating to Cancer Research UK, with the Cancer Research UK catalogue of items for sale growing each year.

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Cancer Research UK Give In Celebration Scheme

The Cancer Research UK Give In Celebration Scheme ( has proved to be a very popular course of action for many, who can request donations from their friends and family rather than presents. The website allows this process to be completed automatically, all you need to do is enter the persons details and they will receive detailed correspondence direct from the charity, with details of your appeal and the donations process.

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Alternative Ways To Donate

Cancer Research UK GiveGet Campaign

In partnership with TK Maxx we saw the creation of the Cancer Research UK Give Get Campaign, which is now one of the largest charity clothes collection schemes in the country. The GiveGet Campaign raised over 2.7 million in 2006 by selling donated clothing in the vast array of Cancer Research UK charity shops. The campaign is expected to create an even larger windfall for the charity in 2007/08.

Cancer Research UK Funding Raising Activities

While there are many different schemes and activities going on throughout the UK each year, the Cancer Research UK Race For Life and Cancer Research UK Relay For Life activities have received much of the press coverage afforded to the charity. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg with a whole array of Cancer Research UK local fund raising activities going on behind the scenes.

Cancer Research UK Legacy Scheme

As more and more people feel the benefit of the research funded by Cancer Research UK, the charity are seeing more and more people leaving legacies. The size of the legacies can vary greatly with some of more than 1 million pounds reported by the charity. Legacy donations are a growing area of alternative charitable funding.

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More about Cancer Research UK

The History Of Cancer Research UK

As we mentioned above, the Cancer Research UK charity was the result of the 2002 merger of Cancer Research Campaign and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund. The organisations decided to join forces to become the main force in the UK Cancer Research sector, as well as offering an opportunity to reduce their overheads, leaving more funding for investment into Cancer Treatments.

The Charity is now established as the largest Cancer Research Organisation outside of the US and has been at the forefront of a number of high profile campaigns, such as the campaign to ban smoking in the workplace which has now been widened thanks to the constant lobbying of Charities such as Cancer Research UK.

As well as supporting external research, the Cancer Research UK charity also have their own army of researchers and scientists working on ever more novel ways to fight the battle against old and new cancers. Cancer is a condition which will probably touch each and every person in the UK in some way and it attracts the lions share of Charitable Donations in the UK.

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