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CAFOD (CAtholic Fund for Overseas Development), the Catholic aid agency is a network of Catholic relief and development organisations with the aim of helping some of the poorest communities around the world find their own solutions to the difficulties they experience every day.

CAFOD charity gifts.

Through the CAFOD charity gifts website you can help change lives. All the CAFOD gifts are designed to help build a better, sustainable living for the poorest communities. Educational gifts to help children that have very little to aid their educational development. Starting from just 4.50 for some colouring pencils or 7 for a school starter pack you could help change the future for a child who otherwise would not get the chance of an education. Other gifts could help some of the poorest communities around the globe grow their own food, built shelter for their family, supply them with basic health care or help them train for a job to support their community.

CAFOD charity gift ideas

CAFOD Charity Christmas Gift Ideas

CAFOD charity gift ideas

CAFOD Gifts : Chickens

Colouring pencils A simple present that will make all the difference to a young child in their early years of learning.
School starter pack Just 7 will give a child a start in their education, it will provide them with the essentials needed to start school, pens, books, a uniform and daily meals. Even when schooling is free, many parents cannot afford the costs of sending their children to school so your gift can make a real difference
Pair of piglets A gift that goes on giving for years. A pair of breeding pigs can give a family an income for years to come, providing them with money for food, education or medicines.
There are many other gifts that you can give that will make a big difference to someones life vis it the CAFOD gift website here for more ways to help

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CAFOD History

Started in 1962, after just 10 years CAFOD had grown and was helping to fund 245 self help projects in more than 40 countries around the globe. In 1985 the Catholic community raised 4.75 million through CAFOD for the famine in Africa. CAFOD celebrated its silver jubilee in 1987 by which time it was supporting more than 500 development projects in 75 contries. Today CAFOD contines to grow and provide help around the globe with its main aim to make the world free of poverty and injustice by working with communities to aid development and humanitarian programmes.

CAFOD History

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