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Often the forgotten charity in the animal welfare sector, the Blue Cross offers an excellent and much appreciated service to an array of good needs in the UK. Whether you have an animal which needs treatment and you cant afford to pay, you cant look after your pet anymore or you are looking to re-home an unwanted animal, the Blue Cross UK has everything for you. While donating to the Blue Cross is very simple and can be done via a number of means, including the Blue Cross organisation website, the charity is maybe not as high profile as others in the sector.

Unlike many animal charities throughout the world, 'employees' of the charity regularly give their time for free ensuring that costs are kept as low as possible and more animals can be saved, re-housed or treated. They also have a number of campaigns ongoing with regards to the education of UK animal lovers as to their responsibilities and what they are expected to do. Any animal, any situation and anywhere, the Blue Cross charity will be there.

Ways To Donate To The Blue Cross

Blue Cross Regular Donations

While the Blue Cross charity is one of the oldest of the UKs animal charities it has been over taken by other charities and does not get the exposure which it deserve s. However, thankfully the profile of this award winning animal charity is growing as are the number of regular donors. Why not check out the Blue Cross website and donate online today?

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Blue Cross One Off Donations

Whether you have a pet yourself, have seen some distressing news in the press or just think that the Blue Cross need your help, all funds are welcomed by the Blue Cross charity. The charity state that over 80% of all funds raised will actually reach their intended target, which is a very high figure indeed. Why not drop in and make a one off donation today and be sure your funds will be put to good use.

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Blue Cross Payroll Giving Scheme

The Blue Cross payroll giving program has been very well received in the market place and allows the charity to collect all donations free of tax thereby ensuring no time or money is wasted claiming back the tax from the authorities. As people consider the implications of Payroll Giving, we are seeing more and more people join the scheme.

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Alternative Ways To Donate

Blue Cross Recycling Scheme

The Blue Cross charity have come to an arrangement with a variety of UK recycling companies covering anything from ink cartridges for your computer to your mobile phone. Simply log on to the website, request a form and the charity will receive a payment when your item is recycled. Environmentally friendly and everyone wins!

Blue Cross Web Search

Why not use the specially designed Blue Cross web search facility which ensures that the charity receive a payment for each search completed. If each person does only 40 searches a month, that will equate to around 50 in donations for the charity.

Blue Cross Loose Change

Are you sick of carrying around those small denomination coins? Do you collect them at home? Why not drop them into the Blue Cross charity and they will ensure that they are put to good use.

Blue Cross Share Scheme

As more and more people in the UK own shares than ever before, we are seeing an increase in share donations to the Blue Cross charity. All shares will be sold and 100% of the proceeds will go into the Blue Cross charity fund to help animals in the UK.

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More about The Blue Cross

The History Of The Blue Cross

Originally created in 1897, although it was then known as Our Dumb Friends League, the Blue Cross was born and the lives of many animals were suddenly that little bit safer. Even within just 12 months the Blue Cross had 22 branches spread across the country as funding and interest in the charity began to increase. There were many landmarks along the way including 1900 which saw the first horse ambulance used on the streets of London, 1945 when the Blue Cross opened their kennels to service dogs being brought back from the war (the emergence of UK quarantine laws) and 1964, being the year that the charity persuaded the Irish government to ban all horse exports.

There have also been many other memorable points in the history of the Blue Cross, none more so than 1997 which saw the Queen herself become patron to the organisation the seal of Royal approval. The Blue Cross UK division has been instrumental in a number of major law changes with regards to animal welfare as well as being there for many pet owners and injured pets. The tireless efforts of the volunteers who make up the vast majority of the staff do not receive the recognition which they deserve. But for the Blue Cross and the legion of the Blue Cross donors, many animals would not be around today!

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