Age Concern Donations

While the Age Concern charity is perhaps the best know of the charities for the older generation, it is really an umbrella name for a whole host of national and local charities for the old population. Originally brought into being after many of the older generation were left alone and struggling for money after army conscription in the 1940s, it was originally seen as a network of financial and emotional support for those whose families were overseas.

Age Concern UK has done more for the older generation of the UK than any other charity for the elderly, not only on the practical front but also campaigning for better rights, better financial support and above all greater recognition in the work place. The so called grey pound has brought Age Concern donations to a higher level than previously seen, and the Age Concern movement is growing stronger. The Age Concern organisation website is full of useful information, advice about donating to Age Concern and an array of sites and organisations dotted around the country.

Ways To Donate To Age Concern

Age Concern One Off Donations

As the number of older people living in poverty in the UK continues to grow we are seeing increasing support for organisations such as the Age Concern charity. When you consider that you may well end up struggling in later life, it can really bring home how vital the various Age Concern campaigns have become. Why not make a one off donation today, using the Age Concern website and help someone else to help themselves.

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Age Concern Regular Donations

As the gap between the cost of living and the basic state pension continues to widen, without groups such as the Age Concern charity the older people of today would not have a voice. Can you imagine what it must be like to have been through the war, only to struggle to heat you home in later life. Just a few pounds a month can make a big difference.

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Age Concern Payroll Giving

More and more Age Concern donations are coming via the Age Concern Payroll Giving scheme which is the most tax efficient way to contribute to charity. Your donations are taken off before tax so that the charity receive the full payment in one go, without having the time and expense of claiming the tax back.

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Age Concern Gift Aid

While funding for the aged may be near none existent from the government, why not take advantage of the Age Concern gift aid scheme. This scheme allows the Age Concern charity to claim back 28p in tax for every one pound donated meaning that funding is increased by nearly 30% overnight at no extra cost to you. All it needs is a tick in a box!

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Alternative Ways To Donate

Age Concern Donate In Memory Scheme

More and more people seem to be taking advantage of the Age Concern donate in memory scheme which allows you to collect donations in a worthwhile cause, rather than for example receive gifts at Christmas of flowers for someone who has passed away. What better way to leave a mark and remember a loved one?

Age Concern Legacy Scheme

The Age Concern charity has received substantial donations from an array of legacies which have been left over the last few years. It is not only the older of society who are leaving legacies, with many younger people leaving legacies in memory of their older relatives.

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More about Age Concern

The History Of Age Concern

As we mentioned, the Age Concern charity is an umbrella for an array of local and national help the aged charities. First brought to life in the 1940s as a support system for those who were left alone and financial struggling after their family and partners we conscripted into the army, it began as more of a support network than a UK charity as such. However, as time progressed and the thoughts and hopes of the older population were being ignored by the wider market, the Age Concern association took on a different role. Campaigning, financial support and emotional support is now the key to Age Concern donors, whose Age Concern donations are well received by the needy.

Over the last 20 years as life expectancies have increased we have seen more and more of the older generation looking for employment beyond traditional retirement age. Age Concern campaigns have resulted in a higher profile for the so called grey pound and a greater recognition of that they can actually bring to the table. Recent figures show that the Age Concern charity touches the lives of over 250,000 of the elderly every week although they still believe that they can do more. While age may not be a barrier, more employers need to open their eyes to the experience and skills available on their doorsteps.

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