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It may have started with just 88 UK supporters sponsoring 88 children in poverty stricken areas of India and Kenya, but the ActionAid Charity has grown into one of the largest childrens charities and has touched the lives of over 13 million children throughout the world. The Action Aid charity itself is focused on the needs and welfare of children from all around the world, enabling those who have funds to spare to sponsor a child and bring about a new lease of life to not only the child but the surrounding area.

As ActionAid donations have grown it has taken on a number of other worthy cases such as women's rights around the world, education with regards to HIV and AIDS, general education and assisting the innocent caught up in bloody conflicts around the world. While based in the UK, the charity has offices all around the globe and the ActionAid organisation website is proving very popular.

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Ways To Donate To ActionAid

ActionAid Online Donation

If you feel as though you are able to make a one off donation to the ActionAid Charity appeal you can visit the ActionAid organisation website and make your donation online. The website is safe and secure and available 24 hours a day.

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ActionAid Monthly Donation

Perhaps you are in a position to make a regular monthly contribution to the ActionAid cause. Again the ActionAid website will take your through the process of donating to ActionAid on a regular basis. There are no forms to sign and nothing else for you to do.

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ActionAid Sponsor A Child

For as little as 50p a day you can make a real difference to the life of a poor home less child, giving them food, warmth and a place of safety. You will receive a regular update form the child you have sponsored, hear there story and how you have changed their life. Can there be a better way to donate to ActionAid?

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ActionAid Gifts

There are two ways in which the Action Aid gifts program works, with the main one being via the large ActionAid catalogue which offers a selection of traditional ActionAid gifts to purchase for your friends and family.

However, ActionAid alternative gifts give you the opportunity to donate directly towards the purchase of a particular item which would prove useful for recipients of the “ActionAid gifts in action” scheme ( These gifts may include something as simple as a filter for clean water, classroom equipment or a beehive and accessories.

ActionAid charity gifts are becoming an ever more popular area of this growing children's charity and is a useful alternative to the more traditional ActionAid donating options.

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ActionAid Lottoaid

Why not buy a ticket for the array of cash prizes on offer and not only will you be donating 75p of every £1 you spend to the charity, but you will be in with a chance of winning any number of cash prizes!

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Alternative Ways To Donate

ActionAid Company Partnerships

Why not get your company involved in assisting the charity on the ground, whether through the donation of equipment, to transport help, right through to simple one off donations.

ActionAid Campaign To The Authorities

While many people may not be a in a position to donate directly to the charity, you can always play your part by assisting with the mass of ongoing ActionAid campaigns designed to bring about the change at the highest level. Your voice may be just as powerful as the pound in your pocket!

ActionAid Fund Raising Events

If you are not in a position to donate directly yourself, why not join the army of volunteers up and down the UK who arrange hundreds of fundraising events a year. They are fun, raise lots of money for the charity and also promote the name of ActionAid to the public.

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More about ActionAid

The History Of ActionAid UK

Set up in 1972 by a group of 88 UK sponsors, ActionAid has moved on to become one of the largest charitable organisations in the world. The original 88 donors have created a movement which now has a presence in over 40 countries throughout the world, including Kenya, India, Thailand, Brazil and South Africa to name but a small selection.

While initially the charity was created solely for the purpose of sponsoring children from poverty stricken areas of the world, it has now moved on to a more general fight against poverty throughout the world. Campaigns are ongoing with regard to women's rights, child poverty, education, food rights, HIV and AIDS, emergency supplies to areas experiencing conflict and war, trade justice international debt aid and corporate accountability. ActionAid has grown into one of the largest charities in the world from such humble beginnings, and as we mentioned above it has touched the lives of 13 million children since 1972.

ActionAid is all about educating people to better themselves and break out of the poverty trap which has dragged down many generations of families. A few pound a month is all that it takes to make a difference. The "ActionAid child sponsorship" campaign is still going from strength to strength.

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